MxGP Trento Italy

Quite a testing first round of MXGP’s for me in Italy.

In Moto 1 my clutch disengaged on the start but I managed to bump start my bike as I rolled off the gate and got going. Throughout the Moto I moved myself from 40th up to 14th, and finished only 10 seconds behind the top 7.

In Moto 2 again I had a clutch problems off the start, but this time I wasn’t able to keep my bike running. By the time I got my bike going I was 40 seconds behind the field. I pushed hard through the muddy conditions and was able to move myself up to 19th by lap 6. Unfortunately a flag marshal gave me a misleading flag signal off a blind drop off causing me to hit a fallen riders bike which left me cartwheeling down the hill and bent up my bike quite a bit.

All of the bad luck, misleading signals and mechanical problems aside, I’ll still come out of Italy smiling knowing I did my best with what I could and I’m inching closer to my goal every time I’m on my bike.

Italy may have tested me but it didn’t get the best of me.

Loving every second I spend on my bike.

PC 📸 @mxkarmamedia

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