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Some of you might be wondering why I have been missing in action lately, and it’s due to an injury I sustained in the MXGP of Ernee, France. Β I had an accident during qualifying, hurting my shoulder and putting me out of the event.

Since then, for the past six weeks, I have been recovering oversea’s in Netherlands trying to get my shoulder back to 100%. Β I am currently in the gym everyday and under going rehabilitation work with my Physio and specialist.

So far I have been on the bike a few times and am feeling good. My strength isn’t quite where it needs to be at the moment, and will take some time. Β This is why I will be sitting out this weekends round of the MXGP’s at Loket, Czech Republic.

Thank you to all of my friends, family and sponsors who continue to support me. Β I look forward to making a return to racing MXGP’s.





Positive day racing the Women’s IMBA (International Motor Bike Association) at Genk yesterday.

After having a solid practice session in the morning and qualifying 2nd, I had a good gate pick for Moto 1.
I started the race off in 4th and was able to move my way up into 2nd quickly, where I was able to close the gap and start putting some pressure on 1st. On lap 5 I inherited the lead after 1st place had a tip over and managed to stretch my lead out to 19 seconds.

In Moto 2, I started the race in 3rd and quickly made the pass for 2nd. I had a good pace from the start of the but was making too many little errors that cost me valuable time, finishing the Moto just a few second behind the leader in 2nd place.

In the final Moto, I started off in 3rd again but got a bit held up and took 2 laps to make the pass for 2nd. By the time I moved into 2nd I was 10 seconds behind the leader and was pushing hard to make up ground but, I pushed a bit to hard into a challenging corner and unfortunately got a bit unstuck and put it down. By the time I got back up the leader was 20 seconds ahead which was a bit disheartening but, I tried my best until the chequered flag and managed to bring the gap down to 12 seconds.

I am happy with the way I rode on the weekend and believe my speed is really starting to come along, after many discussions with my dad specifically working on my weaknesses. I feel grateful to have his support and very close eye for detail.
I am a bit frustrated with my little errors and feel as if the win slipped out of my hands, but I tried my best and did all I could on track that was challenging to make time up on.

Thanks to Rian for coming to watch me race and cheer for me, along with all of the crazy locals who were standing on the track cheering for me when the races got intense. Sorry to the few that I roosted πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I really enjoyed the experience and was pumped that I got asked represent team Australia by the event.

Happy with my results, but not satisfied. Looking forward to England.

MxGP Trento Italy

Quite a testing first round of MXGP’s for me in Italy.

In Moto 1 my clutch disengaged on the start but I managed to bump start my bike as I rolled off the gate and got going. Throughout the Moto I moved myself from 40th up to 14th, and finished only 10 seconds behind the top 7.

In Moto 2 again I had a clutch problems off the start, but this time I wasn’t able to keep my bike running. By the time I got my bike going I was 40 seconds behind the field. I pushed hard through the muddy conditions and was able to move myself up to 19th by lap 6. Unfortunately a flag marshal gave me a misleading flag signal off a blind drop off causing me to hit a fallen riders bike which left me cartwheeling down the hill and bent up my bike quite a bit.

All of the bad luck, misleading signals and mechanical problems aside, I’ll still come out of Italy smiling knowing I did my best with what I could and I’m inching closer to my goal every time I’m on my bike.

Italy may have tested me but it didn’t get the best of me.

Loving every second I spend on my bike.

PC πŸ“Έ @mxkarmamedia

Warrnambool 2 Day Open

Warrnambool 2 day Open was fun πŸ’πŸΌ came away with the win in Women’s and even though I didn’t get the results I wanted in A lites I had some great battles with the boys 😁

I’m enjoying testing and always learning new things on the bike

A great weekend spent with great people πŸ˜ŽπŸ€™πŸ½

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My fresh YZ250f

I picked up a fresh YZ250f late last week thanks to @yamahamotoraus and spent the weekend testing and setting it up.

After never having much seat time on a 4 stroke I am really enjoying riding it and feel right at home already.

If anyone is looking at buying new bike this Christmas or New Year you should defiantly look into getting a YZ250f.
One of the fastest bikes I’ve ever ridden straight out the box.

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Trivia Night – Getting to Europe

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Making my dream to compete in Europe real, means a lot of dedication, hard work, commitment and events to help raise funds.

Last week I held my Trivia night with the help of some good friends.

With over 100 people coming along, and a couple of really great hosts, the night played out with so many laughs!

I’d like to say a special thank you to those businesses & people who donated prizes for this specific event.

Flight Path, Wines, Beach house, etc…….

I’d also like to say a big thank you to those who came along to support me. We raised just under $5,000 for the evening, so a big thank you again!