The latest…

Some of you might be wondering why I have been missing in action lately, and it’s due to an injury I sustained in the MXGP of Ernee, France.  I had an accident during qualifying, hurting my shoulder and putting me out of the event.

Since then, for the past six weeks, I have been recovering oversea’s in Netherlands trying to get my shoulder back to 100%.  I am currently in the gym everyday and under going rehabilitation work with my Physio and specialist.

So far I have been on the bike a few times and am feeling good. My strength isn’t quite where it needs to be at the moment, and will take some time.  This is why I will be sitting out this weekends round of the MXGP’s at Loket, Czech Republic.

Thank you to all of my friends, family and sponsors who continue to support me.  I look forward to making a return to racing MXGP’s.




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